An Open Letter To The Guy I Will Call Mine


Dear guy-who-I-will-call-mine

Where are you? It’s funny how I miss you so much without even having met you once. I wonder if you are a student like me, or already climbing the professional ladder, or whether you do something different, fun.

Every night before I fall to sleep, I think about how it will be to have you around me. Hey, I will be honest, it’s not just before I fall asleep that I think about you, without knowing who you are, but also when I just do nothing. When I find myself doing this, sometimes I question my sanity and the other times I call myself crazy and continue.

Source: Pinterest

           Source: Pinterest

All of 21, right now, I can’t stop wondering when, how and where we’ll meet; when, how and where we’ll hang around and enjoy each other’s company; and when, how and where we’ll share our sorrows. I hope we have not just lunch and dinner dates, but also breakfast dates, may be at 9, so I can start my day with you. I so badly look forward to explore a new city with you. Or may be rediscover my own city with you, with my hands locked in yours. I am excited about taking a walk with you by the sea, cycling at the coast, and sitting with you by the beach and talking about your dreams and aspirations, and to share mine with you; I want to watch the sun set in all its glory as I lay my head on your shoulder. I can’t wait to melt over your ‘good morning’ and ‘take care, my love’ messages. But more than any of those things, I want to know you, soon.

When I finally meet you and we know we’re meant for each other, that good day I’ll ask you a question. I’ll ask you if you had thought about me like this, the way I think about you now.

Much love and cheers


He Will Be Here One Day


An early morning, a lazy evening
I sit by the window, anticipating his arrival
The sweet breeze blows in my face;
Eyes are blushing, they ask my hair for cover
I feel my heart dance to a tune of its own
A knight in shining armour, head held high
He will climb down his white horse
Chivalry will pervade

Another early morning, another lazy evening;
I sit by the window, anticipating his arrival
One by one, I hear a hundred horses neigh
They settle in respite on grass green and fresh
Their riders march towards the doorsteps of maids
They knock their doors and exude charms unsaid
I was lost in thought when they swayed their ladies away
Hopes are pumped up, he will be here any day

Another early morning, another lazy evening
Years have passed, no sign of him
Logic and intuition are now at play
“Forget it, he’ll be here no way”
“You just wait, it’s not time yet”
It’s past midnight and I’m under moonlight
A shooting star there, gosh, what a day!
I close my eyes, revise my wish list and begin to pray

Good Times Are Worth The Wait

Good times are worth the wait. Photo taken at Munnar, India.

Good times are worth the wait.

You probably found this article because right now you are just so desperate for relief from all the ostensibly terrible things that are happening to you. Perhaps you’re having to face a whole lot of issues on the professional front or you feel that life has slapped you with tough things and/or people to deal with in your more intimate circle. Or may be you’re reading this just because. Just like happiness is transient, so is sadness. They only just come and hit us with imbalanced gravities. It is because of this that after a long and deep phase of grave, we become cheery because of the tiniest of things. And voila, this is how we will have found true happiness for we learnt to value everything!

When times are gruelling, just wear your futuristic glasses and think about how proud you would be of yourself for having fought life’s lemons like a hero once happier days are here. You’ll be amazed at your own strength; you’ll discover yourself. You’ll rise from the underdog image you have of yourself and emerge a champion, in your eyes and in the world’s eyes. In these times, you will find your true support system also; they will be people who will walk with you, ahead of you and sometimes even behind you to ensure that your well being. And you will find friends, kin or not, for a lifetime. You will also acquaint yourself with some of the most important lessons of life, like the perils of expectation. You will be shaken, you will stumble and eventually you will find your strength again to stand firm on the ground.

Don’t forget that unless you battle darkness, you’ll not experience the true joy of happiness. We want to sense that pure joy of liberation from our grief and fears and want to embrace love, kindness and happiness from people and the atmosphere around us, don’t we?  We’ve just got to be patient as good times are worth every second spend in their anticipation. And while you make your way through tough times, remember what Professor Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series preached: : “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the lights.”

When The Sun Goes Down

When the sun goes down

When the sun goes down…                                          Photo taken at Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

The sun has gone down and you’re contemplating over coffee what you achieved today. Did you study hard for an exam, strike a good deal at work, or tackle any kind of hurdle coming your way? Let me ask you, did you accomplish anything today that has brought you a step closer to the realisation of your dreams?

Your daily accomplishments are a tunnel to your dreams. Aren’t you proud of the crazy math problems you tackled today, or were those oh-so-many historical dates that you gave a good grilling? The great deal you struck today was noticed by your superiors and they are proud of you. Your boss too noted when you steered your team towards meeting targets when things were not working out as planned. Yes, I know, solving 25 math problems won’t get you an admission to that school you want to go to, you have three more business meetings to tackle this week and the delivery date of your project to the client is coming closer. I know the times are hard and there’s a lot more you have to do to prove your mettle. But don’t fret; today, you’re closer to your dreams than you were yesterday. You’re far ahead of yourself today than when you had just begun the trail. Don’t let long hours at work and difficult times knock you down. You’re stronger than you think you are. Keep up the zeal, and keep going.

Now, ask yourself, did you accomplish anything today that has brought you a step closer to the realisation of your dreams? I’m sure you did and I’m happy you did. I hope you’re ecstatic about it, for there are few things that truly satisfy our inner selves, two of which are a sense of accomplishment and the thrill of getting closer to our dreams. Remember whenever you aim high, hard things will challenge you. There’s no rainbow without a little rain.